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The customer is solely responsible for any equipment under hire. In the event of theft, loss or damage, the customer shall be liable to pay for any missing equipment and/or the repair costs for damaged equipment.

Cyclos-Cap offers additional insurance to provide coverage for these situations.

Premiums for the additional Cyclos-Cap insurance
Loss, theft, or damage insurance
morning1 day3 days1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
1.5 €3 €3.00€ / j4 €1.33€ / j6 €0.86€ / j10 €0.71€ / j14 €0.67€ / j16 €0.57€ / j
Comparison of the costs for which the customer is liable with and without the Cyclos-Cap insurance
Pull-along (third wheel)
Child’s bike
Adult bike
ATB/mountain bike
Two-seat trailer
WITHOUT CYCLO-CAP INSURANCEreplacement value of the cycle, including loss of useWITH CYCLO-CAP INSURANCE30% of the replacement value of the cycle, including loss of use
180 €70 €
252 €90 €
630 €300 €
505 €200 €
250 €90 €